Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My mom wrote this a while ago, she wanted me to share it and I just kept forgetting lol.

Today, as I sit in class learning about the different impairments that affect children's literacy, I vaguely hear the work Down Syndrome. I withdraw because I'm still in denial! As Im physically present and barely hear what they're saying, I have all these images of Baby Gio: his birth, hugs, kisses, struggles, and so forth. I come to realize how unique he is. I come back to class and I continue to hear stereo types of children with Down syndrome; I'm the shy type of person who only shares if I have to or is asked to, but this time I could picture my baby to be reminded he didn't fit that criteria. I stood up before the special education teacher to tell her that not all children with Down syndrome are the same. She said children with Down syndrome are born to mothers who are in their late thirties to early forties. I couldn't help it, I stood to up and said, "I disagree!" Every body looked at me in shock. I proceeded to explain that my daughter at the age of 19 gave birth to a child with Down syndrome, but not the typical Down syndrome....mosaic Down syndrome. I continued to explain what Mosaic Down Syndrome is. I'm typically shaking and will usually lose my voice when talking in front of people, but not this time, Gio was in my head the whole time giving me the strength I needed. I am proud to have had the courage to share his story and give him a voice letting people know there is no stereotype for children with Down Syndrome. I shared his story without crying; I think I'm beginning to accept that he is and will always be unique, but, you know, who isn't? We all are in different ways.

I know Gio and Karla will be faced with many challenges in their lives, but I also know that he's extremely charismatic and has the intelligence to get them through those challenges. My baby is very smart, he only has Down syndrome and that will not keep him from achieving his goals. He is stubborn like his mother. I love you baby Gio from the time I found out you existed and you have given me the strength to fight and face challenges I'm not use to. You are and will always be first, then your disability. There I said it.....his disability and although it breaks my heart, I know it doesn't change what I feel for him! I am proud to say I'm your grandma!

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