Monday, July 29, 2013

Ignorance is Bliss

The actual definition of ignorance is to be uneducated, uninformed, or unaware. There are differences between people who are unaware and acknowledge it, and those who willfully don't care to learn. It actually breaks my heart when people talk, especially celebrities whose music I like, are so ignorant. They are so influential and have such large crowds of people following their example, listening to their every word and watching their every step, that it's sad when they don't realize what they do or say. Yes we are all human and make mistakes, but they should be a little less ignorant than us, since they are role models to a lot of the younger generations. I recently learned of how J. Cole and Drake collaborated on a freestyle called the "Jodeci Freestyle" and in a way insulted those with disabilities. The lyrics says ""I'm artistic, you n---as is autistic, retarded." Ok, I get it we use retarded a lot in a way to say dumb, just like we use gay, but it's really hurtful. A lot of people don't care who they are hurting. I'm guilty of using these words at times also I can't say I never do, but for someone so influential to publicly say a line like this only adds to the ignorance of the younger generation. Not only does J. Cole use the word retarded, he specifies it to autistic, which is the part that makes me more upset. Why are you comparing the people who you claim to be lower in intelligence or status to autistic people? There are PLENTY of autistic people who are extremely talented and intelligent and in my eyes are higher in status than these celebrities because they have faced adversities that are uncontrollable and aren't fixed with getting rich. They may have started from the bottom, but those with disabilities, most of the time thanks to comments like these, can't go anywhere without feeling like they're at the bottom. I think it's great that they wrote out very sympathetic apologies for those they offended, but seriously think before you act. A song, even a freestyle doesn't come out over night. Someone should have said something before it dropped. I don't hate them and I'm not going to boycott their music or encourage anyone to do so. Just asking to raise awareness, the younger generations are going down the drain and it'll be our fault for being ignorant about these things. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to our children with disabilities because they aren't aware of how those on the outside see them, they aren't informed about the cruel things people say behind their backs or the whispers they don't fully hear while walking by. Until they know the truth of what some people say or think about them, they are blessed with ignorance, while others spread their ignorance like a wildfire that can ruin lives.

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