Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving forward

Gio has been doing so well! His imitation is amazing, and that is what is helping him learn. He doesn't say the words exact, but he tries to. You can compare it to a one year old or so when they are first learning to talk. It also sounds like he has a lisp, but it could just be from starting to learn to say the different sounds of words. For thank you he says atu, for gracias he says athiath, he's also getting really good at saying no. He kind of counts up to ten in spanish. He counts uno , toth, treth, ato, iko, sei, ete, cho, dieth, dieth! He skips nueve it might still be too complicated for him. He still says mas, ma, pa, teta, pease, and he learned to say leche, but says eche. Gio also signs still and he has learned juice and is doing it very frequently. I am focusing on teaching him mostly Spanish first because although we are in America and English is the language of America, I don't want my son to lose his language. He will learn English in school anyhow and Spanish is not a guarantee unless our family and I teach it. My goal is to get him in a bilingual pre-school this October. Its bittersweet. I was hoping he wouldn't go to school until kindergarten, but I understand this is best. He is so independent and everyone around him as noticed how much he has matured. His speech therapist says she cannot get over how much he has grown mentally and physically. He has gained FOUR pounds since his surgery!!! It's been such a blessing to get things in order for him to keep progressing. He is so smart. He is babbling more, too, which means his communication skills are getting better. He is such a silly kid and loves teasing people and making people laugh, well the people in his inner circle. He still isn't too social, but hopefully preschool will change that.

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